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While I never recommend the use of Superscopes as they are usually relevant to a bad network design. I know that sometimes networks are inherited and not the fault of the person having to perform this action;thus, I am going to provide a lean set of steps to configure this assuming you know your way around Microsoft DHCP server and have a few requirements met: Read the rest of this entry »

Let me start by saying that Superscopes are not a standard mechanism of DHCP, just a “hack” by Microsoft to support networks that don’t understand the concept of “1 IP subnet PER vlan, not 10 IP subnets per VLAN”. The only, and I do mean ONLY, time that you use Superscopes is when you have a network design that has multiple IP subnets inside the same VLAN. Let me explain the ONLY instance where this is needed and WHY you need multiple interfaces configured for this to work… Read the rest of this entry »

A lot of people are desperate for a job these days and they will say yes to anyone that offers them a job without even thinking about. However, one should research the company they are about to take a job with and see if they are even a viable company to work for. Read on about my experience… Read the rest of this entry »

SO you’re probably wondering about that Brain Dump and taking an “easy way” out of passing your test and that is how you probably ended up here. I once worked for a Managed Services company in Raleigh, NC who had a philosophy that as long as you study for test they’ll pay for the Brain Dump so you “know what you’re going into”. While this seems like justification it is pure illegal and WRONG! If you dump a test quite a few of us in the industry have a two letter profane sentence for you… Furthermore here is why brain dumps will hurt you: Read the rest of this entry »

Let me help you with your purchase of this book…DO NOT purchase the “Official Certification guide”. This book has more grammatical errors than a second grade research paper which leaves you feeling stumped when you read it. There are a plethora of mistakes that have yet to be recognized by the publisher despite my many emails to them about said erors. The “Foundations Guide” is very similar and with a little effort in learning you can pass the CCDA with that book.

The transition from Autonomous mode to Controller mode is extremely easy with the HP wireless APs. I will outline everything here Read the rest of this entry »

So there is the long standing debate of GUI Vs CLI in both the server and Networking world. There are quite a few angles to argue and I know that in this one single post I am not going to cover 100% of them and I am going to keep emotion out of this and stick to the facts and try to do a “Qualitative review of the two Read the rest of this entry »