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Just though I would put this out there for the world to read…use new network cables! If the cable doesn’t have a locking clasp you’re begging to have someone just brush by and jiggle it loose and then you’re troubleshooting an issue that looks complex when in reality all you have to is plug in a cable! ALWAYS USE NEW CABLES

SO you’re probably looking for the pros and cons of choosing either a cloud based solution or a in house based server solution for your IT infrastructure.At first the cloud based infrastructure seems so much cheaper because there are no up front costs; however, you have recurring costs each month and without any type of agreement the pricing could go up. There are a plethora of other negative reasons for choosing a cloud based solution and here are a few of them: Read the rest of this entry »

We see it all the time here in the IT field…people floating around aimlessly during a maintenance doing nothing while others seem to be working harder than others. Why is this? For the most part I don’t believe we should be blaming them directly; rather, I think we need to blame management for not delegating responsibilities properly and efficiently… Read the rest of this entry »