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So, you’re wondering why and how to get an “ip-helper” address on a Comware 3com system? I wish I could say “easy enough” but I would be fibbing and giving you false expectations. I will outline what you need to do below:

dhcp enable

dhcp relay server-group 1

interface Vlan-Interface #

dhcp select relay

dhcp relay server-select 1

I am going to raise the FAIL flag on this because this is far too much work to get this working compared to other platforms that only require ONE command.

If you think that when HP purchased 3com they would have either made everything a single code release (can we say, Juniper) or at least provide interoperability documentation that is easier to find and easier to read? You’re dead wrong and you may end up like me and make an assumption that keeps you here longer than you would like to be trying to fix it. To spare you the agony of it all I will just jump right into it… Read the rest of this entry »

What is the cost of supporting legacy, unsupported software? Who absorbs the cost? These are questions that are left unanswered a lot and there is a constant struggle in the managed services field about whether it is profitable enough to continue supporting old software that is hard to manage. Read the rest of this entry »

How often do we run into problems and have to contact a third party vendor to get the resolution only to spend a large amount of time getting someone (sometimes ourselves) to stop the blame game and start working together? This seems to happen all the time in the IT field and this is frustrating as all hell and we as IT professionals and engineers need to put our ego and pride aside and work on the problem to benefit our customer and I’ll share my thoughts on the various scenarios… Read the rest of this entry »

This will be short, very short. If you learn the phonetic alphabet you will find yourself doing a whole lot less repeating of what you just said or asking someone to repeat themselves. The “B as in Boy” is not acceptable. Zero (0) is NOT “O” because “O” is Oscar not Olivia or Orange. The phonetic alphabet is an INTERNATIONAL STANDARD; please, for the love of all things living, memorize this and use it.

Why do we as a society, at least in my generation, see that once we’re off the clock we’re just done and over? I am no advocate for working 80 hour weeks for 40 hour pay all the time; however, that is the spirit that moves you along and jets your career if you know what you’re doing. This is a new behavior I have seen in the field of networking when it comes to non-emergency related situations like documentation and “cleaning up” things like cabling and labels. Why have we become such a “5 O’Clock time to leave” society? Read the rest of this entry »

There are numerous occasions where we would like to utilize a more “human” name to view our physical switchport and router port connections; however, I find that most people don’t maintain these names/descriptions in a proper manner. While this configuration has no bearing on the operation of the switch it will create confusion for those who have to read through the documentation. Read the rest of this entry »

Quote from Junipers facebook:

JUNOS TIP: Suppose you saw that your Alarm LED is red. Issue either the show
system alarm command or the show chassis alarm command.

One reason for chassis alarm is that the management port is not
connected. To clear this alarm, if you are not actually using the management
port, merely execute the following command: root@Junos#set
chassis alarm management-ethernet link-down ignore.

And one reason for the system alarm is that there is no rescue configuration
created. To fix this alarm, merely save a rescue configuration: root@
Junos#run request system configuration rescue save.
Let’s illustrate this:
root@Junos#run request system configuration rescue save

So I read on TechRepublic how the “cloud” is going to take away jobs but open others. This is full of bull corn and probably just a bunch of hype that TechRepublic uses to get people interested in reading their articles. Kudos on the tactic; however, I find it despicable because you’ll have up-and-comers into the IT field who will get discouraged. I was almost one of them in the early 2000’s… Read the rest of this entry »