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To keep it short, it doesn’t support self signed certificates.

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If you’re using the HP A-series E5500 switches and find that filtering traffic between VLANS whose layer 3 interfaces reside on that switch are not working, I have found the solution if you’re using the 2215 code.

Quite simple, downgrade to the 2208 or 2210 code because as of this writing 08/21/2012 they are working on the bugs in the 2215 code

I get this a lot in my field “I cannot ping the server, it must be down or a network issue”; however, I can log in and telnet to the machine and even RDP/SSH into the machine. Why is this? Simple, the machine is not responding to ICMP ECHO REQUESTS which is default behavior for some systems. Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 DO NOT respond to ping by default because their internal firewalls are set to NOT respond to ICMP ECHO REQUESTS. Therefore, the machine could show as DOWN because it doesn’t respond to ping but the machine could actually be alive and on the network.

I personally recommend allowing your machines to respond to ping because there are no benefits to not allowing it other than confusion that could arise from the unexpected. Hiding a PING response doesn’t provide more security because a TCP SYN scan could prove that your machine is alive and well if there are listening ports, among other methods of host discovery.

To put it simple, DO NOT RELY ON PING as a method of testing connectivity only.