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My quick review of HP Networking (namely speaking of their procurve E-Series and wireless lineup) is not from a single use of the product, rather, I worked for a VAR and formed an educated opinion on this product line and why I wouldn’t choose HP Networking products for any mission critical operations. Read the rest of this entry »

No, this is NOT a place where you will find brain dumps! Instead, I am writing this because I recently discovered this COULD be dumped! This explains why I have seen so many people with: CCIE(w) on their resume and yet never take the lab. If you’re one of these people I would appreciate you stepping in front of a meteorite because this is ALL you are good for. If you found this because you Google searched for a braindump, you ought to just stop spending time trying to cheat and EARN the certification. I have said it before and I will say it again, ALL you do to the industry is water it down and lower our salary.

If you’re running out of space on a Windows Server 2003 instance in VMware you do have a workaround to expand your system partition. This will require gparted which is standard on Knoppix so I would suggest you grab a copy of Knoppix and burn that to a CD first. Now I will detail the steps required since this is really easy:

  1. Power off the VM
  2. Right click your VM in vSphere client – Edit Settings
  3. Select the Hard Disk that contains the VMDK file for your system drive
  4. Increase size to whatever you want (or is available)
  5. Open the Console to the VM
  6. Power on the VM but quickly mount your local host CD/DVD drive to boot to Knoppix
  7. Once Knoppix is booted open a terminal and type in: sudo gparted
  8. Select the drive you want to expand by right clicking and select “Resize”
  9. You can resize by typing in the desired size or dragging the vertical bar over to desired size
  10. Continue through the menu and when done press APPLY at the top and gparted will do the work
  11. Once complete, reboot the system and remove the Knoppix CD and unmount the CD drive from within vmware
  13. Windows will probably want to reboot when you login, please do so and after this you’ll see your newly sized system partition

If you are working with the Nexus NX-OS and you want to redistribute static routes into EIGRP you MUST use route-maps. See below on how to use these in Nexus.

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