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If you run into this message when your stack tries to auto upgrade a new member:

Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW: Found donor (system #1) for
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW: member(s) 4
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW: Insufficient memory to comply with requested operation
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW: Software could not be copied to
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW: system(s) 4
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW: Software was not copied
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW_INITIATED: Auto-advise-software process initiated for switch number(s) 4
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW:
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW:
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: Systems with incompatible software
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: have been added to the stack. The
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: software running on all of the stack
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: members has been scanned, and it has
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: been determined that the stack can be
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: repaired by issuing the following
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: command(s):
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW:
Oct 23 08:20:52: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: archive copy-sw /force-reload /overwrite /dest 4 1

DO this: archive download-sw /force-reload /dest 4 1

The copy-sw doesn’t seem to work very well and fails. The download does an auto-install and auto-delete of the old image.

You can find articles that tell you the obvious (no drinks/food/cameras/cardboard) but few actually delve into the real do’s and do not’s of being inside a data center, either shared or a dedicated private data center. Here are a few real world things to remember:

  1. Mount ALL equipment properly to the rack, DO NOT set on top of other items
  2. Place all heavy equipment at the bottom of all the racks
  3. Respect cool aisle/hot aisle configurations to achieve maximum cooling efficiency
  4. When removing equipment, use BOTH HANDS to pull from rack to prevent the equipment from falling
  5. Run all power and networking cables cleanly through available wire management
  6. NEVER use zip ties
  8. Secure all power connections in the equipment with vendor provided power clips, if provided

Since I am the “coding specialist” for my small business (I use the word ‘specialist’ as loosely as a big girl on uses ‘average’ to describe her weight) I researched ICD-10 and what it means to our growing outpatient Occupational and Speech Therapy clinic.

In a nutshell, OTs and SLPs in private practice, outpatient services, do not need to worry about ICD-10-PCS, only ICD-10-CM for diagnosis. There are some great tools to “cross check” the current ICD-9 diagnosis codes to the ICD-10 codes; however, it is best you consult your clearinghouse for advise or seek an automatic cross reference guide. ICD-10 is supposed to deprecate the “v codes” used in axis II when submitting to NC Medicaid, but I am not 100% sure of that, I just hope that is the case. Hope this helps clarify something.

I quote:

“Complaining does not work as a strategy. We all have finite time and energy. Any time we spend whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals. And it won’t make us happier.”
― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

I learned a long time ago, when I did some IT sales, NEVER go above the person who is your initial contact and complain about them, it gets you absolutely no where. Also, don’t complain too hard at less-than-fancy type restaurants, their ethical standards may not be as high if you’re complaining about a $9.99 plate of food.

The point of this is simple, we must not try to complain so much, it really doesn’t solve anything. It is ok to complain, but you better have a solution after you’re done venting.