Far too many times we’re so deep into our IT careers we forget we were once novice engineers and others may have been frustrated by our lack of understanding. However, time and time again I find people state things like “They’re just not that smart” and this is a complete line of crap and this line of thinking needs to be eradicated from all of our minds. I am guilty of this but I find it makes me look dumb to others. I challenge myself to stop thinking such negative thoughts and instead attempt to educate others and make them better engineers. In this field we’re not going to get anywhere if we horde knowledge and shut out others. Now, there are some men/women you just can’t reach no matter how much you care about helping them. If you find yourself explaining yourself over and over just ask yourself ‘Are they ignorant to what I am explaining or do they just don’t care?” Remember, we can actually fix “stupid” by educating but we can’t alter a persons bad work ethic.

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