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Since I am the “coding specialist” for my small business (I use the word ‘specialist’ as loosely as a big girl on uses ‘average’ to describe her weight) I researched ICD-10 and what it means to our growing outpatient Occupational and Speech Therapy clinic.

In a nutshell, OTs and SLPs in private practice, outpatient services, do not need to worry about ICD-10-PCS, only ICD-10-CM for diagnosis. There are some great tools to “cross check” the current ICD-9 diagnosis codes to the ICD-10 codes; however, it is best you consult your clearinghouse for advise or seek an automatic cross reference guide. ICD-10 is supposed to deprecate the “v codes” used in axis II when submitting to NC Medicaid, but I am not 100% sure of that, I just hope that is the case. Hope this helps clarify something.

I quote:

“Complaining does not work as a strategy. We all have finite time and energy. Any time we spend whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals. And it won’t make us happier.”
― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

I learned a long time ago, when I did some IT sales, NEVER go above the person who is your initial contact and complain about them, it gets you absolutely no where. Also, don’t complain too hard at less-than-fancy type restaurants, their ethical standards may not be as high if you’re complaining about a $9.99 plate of food.

The point of this is simple, we must not try to complain so much, it really doesn’t solve anything. It is ok to complain, but you better have a solution after you’re done venting.

From: 9 Immutable Laws of Network Design – Let’s be simple, this is opinion, not law. Network design is network design and each person will have their own unique view on how to build networks. However, to say immutable laws is arrogant and only tells people you’re stuck in your ways; thus, if you stand still you’re falling behind. Read the rest of this entry »

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What a topic! However, sadly, this is a topic we all must think about sometime in our careers, unless we have that “perfect” job with all that great opportunity that will just never end (tell me when you find that). Read the rest of this entry »

The IT field has a long standing history of being a bunch of smug pricks no one can tolerate to be around and this elitist attitude has caused bitterness on both sides, management vs IT. I will admit, I was a victim of the management vs IT debate and used to belittle management and state my elitism; however, I also enjoyed having a job and I grew up too, something a lot of people in IT who are 20 years my elder still haven’t figured out. I see it everywhere in IT: IRC channels, forums, social events and even where I work. This behavior must stop and people in IT, especially networking, need to understand the value of effective communication among their peers and more importantly, their customer.

Now that I am in the management/leadership role I now see the issues management faces in dealing with the typical IT employee. I ask a question and in return I get someones emotional dribble filled with rhetoric that still never answers the original question in its entirety. This is a major problem to me and, in my opinion, people like this need to be let go and replaced with more personable and respectful people, especially those who respect the “customer” and the business.

In IT we must look to move forward and away from the elitism from the “business” and learn to be more integrated and “one with the business” if we hope to survive in this ever changing market. In IT I routinely hear complaining about various things and I quote from my current boss “I am here if you need to bitch about something, but you damn sure better be part of the solution”.

Here on my recent trip to Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic I decided to hunt around the typical spots where a visitor may place his or her name for all eternity and I always find it in the most likely places. Of course I do the same but I finally asked, why? Perhaps it is in our genetic code to leave a part of ourselves anywhere we go to be remembered through history like the Egyptians and many others who roamed the Earth many moons before us. Maybe we have a conquering addiction and feel like we have staked some small insignificant piece of something that is kind of “ours” to claim. Or perhaps there is a more romantic reason, perhaps we hope to one day revisit the days of our younger years and hope that some marking we left back then still remains to spark memories of times once past?

Whatever the reason I suggest we always do it with taste and in places that wouldn’t harm the value or degrade another persons belongings. This is very similar to throwing a bottle in the ocean and getting that call or letter 20+ years later except, we expect to go back and hope what we left behind is still there to spark the memory of better and younger times once had.

I love this cute little town, lots of pubs and food. However, this is yes another reminder of how blessed I am to have been born in the United States. God bless America and all the freedoms and advantages we have compared to other people in different nations.

If you have an old HP Jet Direct card (perhaps an old dot matrix printer) and you’re looking to move from static IP configuration to DHCP you’ll want to telnet into the device and change the settings that way. I am not going into detail about how to do it because the menu is very basic to navigate via the CLI. Just know that you’re better off using telnet to access the menu-driven CLI as “root” and you’ll be happy.

I have seen a lot of these courses go up online and you find people flocking to them for this super easy way into a big salary IT networking job overnight. I don’t believe one can go from the skills of a CCNA to a CCNP in X number of weeks. The vast difference between the skills you’ll need in the CCNP is so far from the CCNA concept it isn’t funny. In fact, I have long said I would love to see Frame Relay disappear in favor of configuring for more real world scenarios like: MPLS and Metro-E. However, they keep churning out Frame Relay information because it is easy to learn. Perhaps this is the reason why we have so many white board interviews that can last hours upon hours because we’re churning out CCNA/P certified engineers with little to no real world experience. I believe in the long term approach by gaining valuable work experience and studying along the way. If you’re looking to get ahead you should also purchase lab equipment and learn at home when you can, nothing at all replaces learning the hard way by trying to build it yourself and test all kinds of scenarios. If you’re looking for a quick way to get certified without experience these classes will help you get there, just don’t expect to do that well in white board interviews. If you’re a seasoned vet and just want to make sure you pass the first time because you’re a busy IT professional, these are good too.