My quick review of HP Networking (namely speaking of their procurve E-Series and wireless lineup) is not from a single use of the product, rather, I worked for a VAR and formed an educated opinion on this product line and why I wouldn’t choose HP Networking products for any mission critical operations.

I worked with just about all the products that HP sells including the 3com they purchased. I will have to say that if I had my pick I would chose 3com over HP any day; however, HP purchased 3com and that about ruined it. I have personally met at least 10 former 3com resellers who were top notch resellers jump ship to Cisco and/or Juniper because of how badly HP screwed up the 3com line.

In a nutshell, HP just waters down the rest of the industry with this “Me too” mentality. If Cisco does this they’ll say “me too” when in reality they should say “We mimicked this but don’t quite have it all there”. I can’t count on how many times an update broke something and we were forced to choose between having a more stable and secure infrastructure and losing a specific functionality. This happens WAY more than you think.

HP Procurve wireless is almost non-existent. HP purchased Colubris back in the day when 802.11n was barely ratified as a standard and Colubris had it about all right. However, HP, once again, screwed this up because over the years nothing much has changed and the solution is ‘clunky’ at best and the support is dismal. Meanwhile, Cisco has been improving their wireless profile 5-fold. Sadly, Juniper is as much to blame as well for Trapeze being a horrible choice as well.

If you’re a small business with basic needs, HP may be up your alley. If you’re budget constrained but a medium to major operation, I suggest looking to see how you can get your Cisco or Juniper quote down a switch to HP is like a step backwards in functionality.

One way to verify my feelings is to look for jobs that look for: HP ASE or HP Master ASE…you won’t find one because no one cares.

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