Since I am the “coding specialist” for my small business (I use the word ‘specialist’ as loosely as a big girl on uses ‘average’ to describe her weight) I researched ICD-10 and what it means to our growing outpatient Occupational and Speech Therapy clinic.

In a nutshell, OTs and SLPs in private practice, outpatient services, do not need to worry about ICD-10-PCS, only ICD-10-CM for diagnosis. There are some great tools to “cross check” the current ICD-9 diagnosis codes to the ICD-10 codes; however, it is best you consult your clearinghouse for advise or seek an automatic cross reference guide. ICD-10 is supposed to deprecate the “v codes” used in axis II when submitting to NC Medicaid, but I am not 100% sure of that, I just hope that is the case. Hope this helps clarify something.

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