MotoMummy – A Review on why I no longer shop there

So, how do I put this? Oh yeah, I spend money on my bikes and spare absolutely no expense considering your entire life depends on the operation of just two wheels and some really tiny brakes with a lot of stopping power; thus, cheap isn’t my game, I pay to play. I am no stranger to spending money with MotoMummy either, CapitalOne and my bank account can vouch for that. Please, continue to read on because I am not just someone who is upset because their part arrived in three days, instead of two…

That being said I only buy quality and parts designed to fit and this leads me to the last experience I’ll ever have with Motomummy and take my business elsewhere over, I am really not kidding here, a $15 banjo bolt.

I bought a fully race prepped CBR1000RR and the only modification I wanted was to install dual brake lines, which as you all know requires a double banjo bolt. This bike also has a Brembo Radial Master Cylinder part number XA7G710, to reference this isn’t the standard $300 master cylinder but the $2,000 master cylinder. 

I procured the brake lines, from MotoMummy, and then was sold the double banjo bolt, which they said was from Spiegler. I went home to install it, using the washers provided with the brake line kit. Upon installation and using recommended torque values, yes I torque everything to spec, I realized the bolt thread length was too long. Measured using my dial calipers, which have an NIST certification, the bolt thread depth was 1.85cm and the washers provided were 1mm thick. Given the Goodrich banjo fittings were 8mm thick and the “Spiegler” bolt thread depth was too long, it would require 2mm thick washers to, maybe, fit properly, but it would have still been in question. 

Fast forward, I contacted MotoMummy and went to their store, which is a 1 hour and 22 minute drive for me, a long trip and a waste of diesel fuel in my CTD truck, but I needed this working ASAP so I made the trip and this is where everything fell apart.

The actual business owner did everything in his power to ensure he was always right because, as some have discovered, he is never wrong, narcissism at its absolute finest. I was told to simply “cut the bolt” to make it fit. Well, ok, sure, maybe some people will do that but given my background in engineering and knowing about this thing called “Standards”, for which bolt manufactures follow, I declined such insane advice and asked he just procure the Brembo double banjo bolt or the pro-bolt equivalent (FYI, Goodrich also sells a double banjo bolt too), I was willing to just pay for another bolt and trash the old one, didn’t ask for anything free. The business owner consistently declined and stated these are just “universal” and “everyone” has to cut the bolt. Now, I will say this, he at least pulled out a bunch of other banjo bolts (from Spiegler he said), none of which would have fit to begin with anyways. So, instead of just losing my cool, told him to keep the cheap aluminum bolt and left.

Now, I have ordered a BF Goodridch double banjo bolt, a Brembo Double Banjo bolt, a pro-bolt double banjo bolt, and then ordered 3 other random, generic, double banjo bolts. All of these bolts followed exact specification with 1.1cm thread depth and fit PERFECTLY with absolutely no modification. In fact, I was told by all manufacturers, paraphrasing here, “Cutting the bolt is not an approved modification and cutting the bolt could result in undesired operation all the way to catastrophic failure of the braking system. Because banjo fittings can vary in thickness by about 1-2mm, it is best to have different washers available, varying in thickness, to ensure proper fit”.

Last, but not least, I contacted Spiegler and requested their bolt specifications. The guy was ULTRA helpful and even advised they don’t actually manufacture their bolts, they just “come in a box”. So, nothing against Spiegler, but those aren’t your bolts, you’re just putting your name on them. However, I was told they ONLY make ONE size of bolt and the other bolts MotoMummy was presenting to me could NOT have been Spiegler bolts. 

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, the owner was arrogant to say that no one would provide me specifications on the bolts, this statement was not accurate. Well, how about this, not only does Pro-bolt provide their specifications on their website, everyone else does too and are also incredibly willing to email you back within 24 hours with their engineered bolt specifications, all of which follow ASTM specifications, go figure.

The owner stated the pro-bolt double banjo was a $40 bolt. Upon contacting probolt to place my order this statement was proven to be not accurate, it was only $4 more than the one sold to me by MotoMummy. 

The owner stated using the Brembo bolt would require “special washers” and these would still not work because I would have to “stack” the washers to form a seal. Upon contacting Brembo directly and talking with two other vendors who sell Brembo this statement was also proven to be not accurate. The washers are the same ID and OD but come in either 1mm, 1.5mm, or 2mm thickness variations to accommodate a variety of banjo bolt fittings. This information was verified upon my test installation using only three washers of the 1mm thickness.

Its a shame because I did enjoy working with some of the people there who helped me get the gear and parts I needed; however, I judge no one by how they behave when the times are good, and I am spending my money, but I judge based on how they handle themselves when things have gone wrong. 

MotoMummy had an easy fix here, just order the correct size bolt and I would have paid, no questions asked, but he went on the defensive and insulted my intelligence by drumming up non-factual statements regarding other products they did not readily have in stock. 

All statements the owner made regarding the other bolts and the proper, safe, fit of the banjo fittings to the bolts were cross checked with the manufacturer and revealed to be grossly incorrect. Its really sad because I’ll be needing tires, brakes, and many other items a racer goes through throughout a season, including additional upgrades to components and replacement parts, not to mention I am sending no one else to them. Sucks, but hey, it is what it is and at the end of the day you have to live with the decisions you’ve made.

On a final note regarding their popularity I will make a reference to WalMart and why I consider MotoMummy to be the WalMart of online Motorcycle vendors. First, I just don’t shop at WalMart because there is absolutely no customer service and the atmosphere isn’t pleasant; thus, I prefer to spend just a little more for better service and atmosphere instead of saving a few dollars to receive horrible service. In my over 13 years of being in the motorcycle world I’ve come to realize the majority of owners want cheap, price over service and this is fine, that is YOUR choice to make, just don’t all of a sudden feel shorted when you need service and they blow you off at Motomummy. The old saying “There is good, fast, and cheap, you can only pick two”, which is normally called the Project Management Triangle but applies to just about anything in life.