A lot of people are desperate for a job these days and they will say yes to anyone that offers them a job without even thinking about. However, one should research the company they are about to take a job with and see if they are even a viable company to work for. Read on about my experience…

I took a job with an email marketing company when I moved back from Virginia and they painted such a pretty picture about what a great place this is to work. I mean, free bagels, xBox, PS3 and ping pong…who would turn that down? A two story slide you say? Wow…fun? Not really. You see, this is the stuff you see when a company hasn’t “put their big boy pants on” and spend money on things that DO NOT enhance the companies business advantage. Also, this company operated many many years without making a profit and had to resort to Venture Capital to continue operating and this is where I should have listened to my gut instinct and not taken the job.

You see, a venture capitalist is ONLY concerned with making themselves money at any expense to anyone, including the founder of the company who sought help from them. In a nutshell this means you’re sitting on a ticking time bomb before they sell off the business to another one or liquidate assets and get rid of anyone to earn a profit. So, if you like knowing that eventually you’ll be out of a job go on and take a career with a company that is operating on venture capital…just don’t be surprised when you find yourself in the unemployment line.

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