Personal IT Support

So at some time in our IT careers we all think we can make an extra buck supporting a small network for someone we know, I did the same. However, you must understand there is a fine line between supporting someones small business for a reasonable price and also helping them out with their personal items.

I was once told by someone about 6 years that if I help that one person with their computer I would be pulling that computer out of my trunk for years to come and I will be damned they are correct! Thankfully that was years ago but it taught me a valuable lesson about “support”. As a business you need to support your customers to the fullest extent while also being careful not to pit yourself into a hole of supporting something you either:

  1. Don’t care about
  2. Don’t get paid to support
  3. Don’t get paid enough to support
  4. Have little resources to support
  5. Creates other help vampire issues

For the most part I am talking about things like supporting equipment they didn’t purchase from you, supporting personal email accounts, personal computers and the like. You want to come off as a company who cares; however, you also have to care about your bottom line and how much money you are wasting supporting something you are not getting paid for.

To each their own on this one. May we all prosper in whatever we do just be careful while doing it!