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To keep it short, it doesn’t support self signed certificates.

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If you’re using the HP A-series E5500 switches and find that filtering traffic between VLANS whose layer 3 interfaces reside on that switch are not working, I have found the solution if you’re using the 2215 code.

Quite simple, downgrade to the 2208 or 2210 code because as of this writing 08/21/2012 they are working on the bugs in the 2215 code

So, you’re wondering why and how to get an “ip-helper” address on a Comware 3com system? I wish I could say “easy enough” but I would be fibbing and giving you false expectations. I will outline what you need to do below:

dhcp enable

dhcp relay server-group 1

interface Vlan-Interface #

dhcp select relay

dhcp relay server-select 1

I am going to raise the FAIL flag on this because this is far too much work to get this working compared to other platforms that only require ONE command.

If you think that when HP purchased 3com they would have either made everything a single code release (can we say, Juniper) or at least provide interoperability documentation that is easier to find and easier to read? You’re dead wrong and you may end up like me and make an assumption that keeps you here longer than you would like to be trying to fix it. To spare you the agony of it all I will just jump right into it… Read the rest of this entry »