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No, this is NOT a place where you will find brain dumps! Instead, I am writing this because I recently discovered this COULD be dumped! This explains why I have seen so many people with: CCIE(w) on their resume and yet never take the lab. If you’re one of these people I would appreciate you stepping in front of a meteorite because this is ALL you are good for. If you found this because you Google searched for a braindump, you ought to just stop spending time trying to cheat and EARN the certification. I have said it before and I will say it again, ALL you do to the industry is water it down and lower our salary.

SO you’re probably wondering about that Brain Dump and taking an “easy way” out of passing your test and that is how you probably ended up here. I once worked for a Managed Services company in Raleigh, NC who had a philosophy that as long as you study for test they’ll pay for the Brain Dump so you “know what you’re going into”. While this seems like justification it is pure illegal and WRONG! If you dump a test quite a few of us in the industry have a two letter profane sentence for you… Furthermore here is why brain dumps will hurt you: Read the rest of this entry »