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I have seen a lot of people get confused about the length of their double banjo bolt required for the Brembo RCS master cylinder.

When using Goodridge stainless brake lines you’ll want to purchase either of the following to ensure exact fit:

  • Goodridge: 993-03-31SD or 993-03-31SDBK short 30mm version
  • Brembo: 06.2228.22 or 06.2228.21
  • Pro-bolt: TIBANJOD10FR
  • Proti-bolt: M10L21-OT04
  • LuckyBike: 92-800-TI
  • Washers (3 total): ID: 10.5MM – OD:14-15mm – Thickness 1mm

Spiegler imports their bolts and makes only one size with 35mm total length with 1.5-2.0mm in thread length using 1MM thick washers. This setup, using Goodridge lines, will not work because not only is the bolt length too long but the thread length is too long. Technically, you could use 2mm thick washers to reduce this down; however, no guarantee if the banjo fittings will line up to distribute fluid properly or the bolt actually threads correctly.

As a word of caution do not cut or otherwise modify the banjo bolt to fit the Brembo master cylinder! The Spiegler bolt costs around $15-$18  and the other bolts are the same price, but you can find the Brembo for $6.00 at some local distributor or a local Ducati or Aprillia dealership. While you can say it is unlikely something will happen with your brakes with using this cut bolt, should something happen you’ll find there are fingers pointing at you saying “Not an authorized modification, if the bolt didn’t fit should have not used or modified it to fit”. I don’t know about you, but when I am at the track or going down the highway, I want to know the one bolt which seals my brake lines at my $300 Brembo master cylinder is the proper fit and is not modified to fit because it was too long.

Just think about it, you paid $300, or more if you chose a different Brembo master cylinder model, and you’re willing to hack up a $15 bolt to make it fit? Buy the Brembo or Goodridge double banjo bolts to fit properly. Even better, the Pro-bolt is much nicer, offered with a Diamond Like Coating too, and is already pre-drilled to safety wire the bolt to ensure it never vibrates loose.