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So as I study for the ASE I am reading the new HP Press books (that were purchased as bundle) for the test. Before this I was reading the older HP material that is in a wire bound book and was nothing more than HP copying crap from their website, print and wire bind it to a book. It was very dry, out of date, laced with grammatical errors and multiple configuration errors. Needless to say, the material is crap and I was excited to see that instead of trying to not be “Cisco Like” they joined the crowd and hired authors. Here is my review in comparison to the crap material that I read before… Read the rest of this entry »

Let me help you with your purchase of this book…DO NOT purchase the “Official Certification guide”. This book has more grammatical errors than a second grade research paper which leaves you feeling stumped when you read it. There are a plethora of mistakes that have yet to be recognized by the publisher despite my many emails to them about said erors. The “Foundations Guide” is very similar and with a little effort in learning you can pass the CCDA with that book.