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Do NOT take the advice this idiot just gave the American public. Blindly discharging a weapon, from your balcony none-the-less, is illegal in most states. First, a shotgun is horribly inaccurate and you risk killing innocent people. Second, it is MUCH SMARTER to go inside your house and call the police and alert the “intruder” that you’re armed and will utilize deadly force to protect yourself. IF that “intruder” attempts to break in, just wait until entry is made and take the necessary corrective measures to protect yourself. If you shot the “intruder” on your yard and they were not visibly armed with a firearm, you could be facing murder charges.

Mr. Biden, I would highly recommend you retract your ignorant statement and apologize to the American public. You should advise the public that you’re an idiot when it comes to weapons and are in no way an expert to advise as to what weapon is more appropriate to defend your home or the homes of other Americans. You should also advise that a shotgun, especially a double barrel, is probably the dumbest weapon of choice for home protection because there really is no “aim” and you get two shots, better hope they land properly on your target or you’re screwed with a pissed off “intruder”.

People, do not take his stupid advice as you’re setting yourself up to be imprisoned for murder. Local authorities and local statutes don’t give a hoot that Joe Biden said this. Save yourself from stupidity and prison and properly educate yourself if you choose to become one of the millions of responsible firearm owners.