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What a topic! However, sadly, this is a topic we all must think about sometime in our careers, unless we have that “perfect” job with all that great opportunity that will just never end (tell me when you find that). Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing a company to work for SHOULD be a decision that you think through carefully; however, some of us wind up in situations where we NEED money and have to take the plunge. Working for a less than desirable company leads to increased stress, resentment and even feeling and actually being ill! I can understand why someone has to deal with circumstances like that; however, I feel that a  lot of younger adults like myself tend to make hasty decisions and wind up in jobs they hate where there is little to no opportunity to advance and the results are always leaving the job as soon as the next one becomes available and so on and so forth. This leads to a chain reaction that will show employment history that is unstable and while you may know the last employer sucked and was difficult to work for that may not be the case with a prospective employer…

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