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A quick tidbit of information useful in troubleshooting and interviewing and reviewing the logs (if you can) before you start hacking away at the issue. It makes no sense to start diagnosing an issue if you have logs that can, hopefully, tell you what was going on before and after an event that caused an outage. For instance, if your wireless just decides to go down you may want to look at the lgos in the AP (autonomous mode) or the controller (Controller mode) and see what was happening. Given there is enough verbosity in the logs it should tell you what happened and you can take corrective measures. This applies to interviews because people always ask “What are your steps to figuring out what happened?” I always start with: I check the logs.

The transition from Autonomous mode to Controller mode is extremely easy with the HP wireless APs. I will outline everything here Read the rest of this entry »

This is supposed to “speed up” wireless client access to a network. WINDOWS DHCP FAIL! What this seems to cause is a massive headache for network and system administrators. Windows clients can forever store and cache the information from an associated SSID. Lets say a laptop hasn’t been on your network for 6 months and you just so happens you have a reservation of some sorts on the network or you changed the scope range, the wireless client will send along a DHCP proposal to get the same address it had that first time it was on there. This, as you can see, will cause headaches for you. Microsoft wants you to believe this “saves time” but in reality just how fast is the DORA process for DHCP? Typically so fast most people don’t care. Here is how you turn off Windows DHCP Network Hints: