Taming the elitist attitude in IT

The IT field has a long standing history of being a bunch of smug pricks no one can tolerate to be around and this elitist attitude has caused bitterness on both sides, management vs IT. I will admit, I was a victim of the management vs IT debate and used to belittle management and state my elitism; however, I also enjoyed having a job and I grew up too, something a lot of people in IT who are 20 years my elder still haven’t figured out. I see it everywhere in IT: IRC channels, forums, social events and even where I work. This behavior must stop and people in IT, especially networking, need to understand the value of effective communication among their peers and more importantly, their customer.

Now that I am in the management/leadership role I now see the issues management faces in dealing with the typical IT employee. I ask a question and in return I get someones emotional dribble filled with rhetoric that still never answers the original question in its entirety. This is a major problem to me and, in my opinion, people like this need to be let go and replaced with more personable and respectful people, especially those who respect the “customer” and the business.

In IT we must look to move forward and away from the elitism from the “business” and learn to be more integrated and “one with the business” if we hope to survive in this ever changing market. In IT I routinely hear complaining about various things and I quote from my current boss “I am here if you need to bitch about something, but you damn sure better be part of the solution”.