As the half owner of a medical company I have seen first hand the issues that plague the health care field and they extend beyond what most would believe. It is generally accepted that fraudulent activities are committed by doctors and other practicing health professionals and for the most part I do agree. However, few people, including the government, fail to recognize the fraud that is committed by parents who abuse the system and especially parents who don’t give a damn about their children

In the field of practice that the company I own operates in, we primarily deal with infants and young children with developmental problems. The goal of my company is to provide the most cost effective service to the government and private pay clients while still delivering effective care to the child. The problem we have with providing effective care to the child is the lazy parent who doesn’t care about their well being of their child’s development and sees the services provided as “intrusive” and “obligatory”. This is where the real fraud comes into light as a provider because you instantly realize that no matter how much therapy you do during that one hour session each week, the child will never have a fighting chance the other 167 hours that we’re not there providing the necessary treatment.

It is extremely disheartening to see an innocent child not receive the proper treatment they deserve because the parent simply does not care. It angers me to the very core that my tax dollar is used in this manner and there is NOTHING we can do about it. There are no laws in place that force the parent to interact during the session or integrate the basic instructions to reinforce the therapy the other 167 hours we’re away. It is simply a damn shame that the lazy American public wants to point the finger at the doctors and the practicing health professionals for all the reasons that health care costs so much money when they should take off their blinders and look for the government aid abusing parents.

The solution? The solution is very sad because it affects the child; however, we are not obligated to support everyone and should not. This means total abandonment of services to parents who refuse to care for their children in a way that helps them develop and become healthy and productive citizens of the United States. This goes for anyone and everyone regardless of race, income or religion. If you think that the public education system, the health system and the justice system…the PUBLIC system is supposed to raise your kid FOR YOU then you are dead WRONG.

There is already an example of this in private health care insurance and it is frowned upon, denial of services. While the system to approve and not approve has flaws it is effective in providing cost effective health care. People seem to believe that you can do whatever you want (or do nothing) and someone else is supposed to pick up the tab. I think the solution lies within people making smarter choices in their lives to help themselves so they can help the United States become a better place. In a nutshell, if you can’t afford to feed and cloth three kids, don’t have three kids. Can’t afford to feed and cloth even one child? Don’t even have kids until you’re in a financially stable position.

The problems in the medicaid system are everywhere and it starts at the top with the politicians and moves on down to the abusive end users of medicaid. Reforming the system should require that not only do doctors and practicing health professionals bill correctly but also put responsibility on the patients and the patients parents to take the advice and apply it so that all medical services are effective. In our line of health services there are no pills or magic shots to make it all better; rather, discipline, consistency and repetition are the tools used to treat children with physical developmental difficulties. However, this treatment is utterly useless if the parent is too lazy or doesn’t care enough about their child to reinforce the treatment while we’re gone. One cannot expect a health professional to fix your child the 0.006% time we spend with them, it is how you reinforce the lessons we teach you the other 99.994%.

So, Obamacare, perhaps a closer look at the abusive end user is needed and enforcement on their end to apply the services health professionals recommend? Why on Earth should I pay taxes for Lipitor when the real solution is to stop eating shit food and learn about those things called “Vegetables” that have never caused one single health problem? Why should my tax dollar pay for lung transplants to a smoker who knew the risks and accepted it anyways? Why doesn’t the parent get questioned as to why they aren’t reinforcing treatment so their child can progress? Funny how all that escapes reform when it is the real problem.

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