When you’re right, you’re wrong

I have learned a lot in my years in IT and if there is one valuable lesson to be learned is to remove all DEFINITE conclusions from your thought process until you have deductively ruled out ALL possibilities. We all have been in the situation where we say “No, it can’t be this because…XYZ”; however, we all have been found wrong and we must wear egg on our face (and this is a problem for me since I am vegan).

I have found it is much better to take a neutral stance and develop a plan that utilizes deductive logic to isolate the issue and to include everyone involved along the way, from the cabling guy to the server guy because you’ll never know where the problem lies if you just point the finger and pass the buck. Think about it, if you’re the one collaborating the effort to solve the problem, even if the problem is on your end, you’ll still be the hero because you developed the plan and executed it.