Why we leave marks behind

Here on my recent trip to Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic I decided to hunt around the typical spots where a visitor may place his or her name for all eternity and I always find it in the most likely places. Of course I do the same but I finally asked, why? Perhaps it is in our genetic code to leave a part of ourselves anywhere we go to be remembered through history like the Egyptians and many others who roamed the Earth many moons before us. Maybe we have a conquering addiction and feel like we have staked some small insignificant piece of something that is kind of “ours” to claim. Or perhaps there is a more romantic reason, perhaps we hope to one day revisit the days of our younger years and hope that some marking we left back then still remains to spark memories of times once past?

Whatever the reason I suggest we always do it with taste and in places that wouldn’t harm the value or degrade another persons belongings. This is very similar to throwing a bottle in the ocean and getting that call or letter 20+ years later except, we expect to go back and hope what we left behind is still there to spark the memory of better and younger times once had.