Work Ethic – Beyond 5pm

Why do we as a society, at least in my generation, see that once we’re off the clock we’re just done and over? I am no advocate for working 80 hour weeks for 40 hour pay all the time; however, that is the spirit that moves you along and jets your career if you know what you’re doing. This is a new behavior I have seen in the field of networking when it comes to non-emergency related situations like documentation and “cleaning up” things like cabling and labels. Why have we become such a “5 O’Clock time to leave” society?

I find that a lot of badly documented networks come with a line of “I never have enough time” excuse. I could have said the same exact thing in my career; however, I don’t think I would be where I am today with the many opportunities that have been presented to me if I choose to have such a crappy work attitude. Once again, I am not saying that you need to dedicate your LIFE to WORK. What I am trying to say is that each of us can make our own lives easier if we prioritized better. Is going to the bar to see your friends or watching the same that big of a priority? No, because the basketball game doesn’t pay your bills…your job does!

However, I see this time and time again that people aren’t putting in a little extra time to make their own lives easier. Instead, I find these people are the first to complain about not having enough time or resources to do their duties and then the extra stuff to make their lives easier. I find this excuse to be a bunch of bull and a simple way of trying to extrapolate more money to do less work…not how the United States was built.

If you were to say to yourself “I am going to dedicate an extra hour per day for next XX amount of days to update my documentation” you’ll find that when you’ve completed the task it is, well, done! Then, when you have to figure something out during the day that SHOULD be documented you can quickly look at your documentation instead of spending 10-30 minutes digging for the answer. If you were to spend an average of 2 hours per week researching something that SHOULD just simply be documented you are clearly wasting productive time which means you aren’t being productive and you’re wasting your employers money. Instead, if you dedicate a little of your own time to make not only the your life easier but your time more effective, you have more bargaining power when you ask for a raise in pay. Then, after showing that you’re willing to put in the time to make your own life easier, your job more effective and the time of others around you more productive they don’t give you the raise you deserve, just find a new job and leave if you’re not happy with your offering. I am not saying to do this every time because it is obvious business conditions outside your control dictate salaries and increases in them; however, if you can save the company money by being more efficient there is less likely a chance they’ll see a bleeding section called “IT” and there is a good chance that perhaps only trivial things will be taken off the budget to save money instead of your job!